phraseup* is like autocomplete for your thoughts

Many of us encounter the same common problem - a sentence sits on the tip of our tongue, but we cannot remember the exact words that make it perfect.

Sometimes, remembering that insults are added to injury and that cutting corners is not a wise thing to do, will make your writing and communication shine.

In many cases, using the right word at the right time will make or break the sentence. Prepositions in English are a notorious example. You account for things in order to explain them, but you describe an account of a historical event.

These are just a few of the many scenarios where phraseup* may come in handy.

How do I use phraseup*?

phraseup* is easy to use. Just type in the part of the sentence you would like completed, or that you remember. Instead of words you cannot remember, use an asterisk (*) sign. After you press "complete", phraseup* will display the most common completions for the missing words.

For example, type in piece of * to find "piece of cake"

Who is phraseup* for?

phraseup* can be used by anyone who requires to shine when using English and other languages.

If you are a writing professional, legal professional, editor or any person whose writing and written communication is his main profession, phraseup* can many times save face for you.

Instead of wasting time trying to Google that word you can’t remember or being embarrassed by using "almost perfect" language, just use phraseup*.

On top of that, phraseup* is especially useful for students of foreign languages such as English as a Second Language (ESL) students and for their teachers. Using phraseup* as a teaching tool and an aid while writing essays and other practice exercises is highly recommended.

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